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An in-office termination is a very safe 5-minute procedure.

  • It is performed by a Florida licensed gynecologist in our sterile suite

  • With sedation it is practically painless,  but there is some discomfort if done awake

  • You can expect light bleeding  for a week or two afterward

  • A driver (ride home) is only necessary on Saturday

  • The three week check-up is included in the fee


Abortion by pill:

  • This is a process that culminates at home

  • You must be less than 10 weeks pregnant

  • You take one pill in our office after ultrasound and doctor approval

  • Four more pills 48 hours later cause a miscarriage

  • The two week check-up is included in the fee


If you are under 18 years of age, ask us about the judicial bypass document.


The clinic is open every day and walk-ins are always welcome, but we are closed on Sunday.

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